Show me what you can do

This report diagnoses the human capital challenge for social entrepreneurs and explores emerging solutions trying to address it. Show me what you can do  is co-authored by Village Capital and Shell Foundation and shares new research on the acute human capital challenges faced by early stage social enterprises.
Entrepreneurs everywhere have an especially difficult time attracting and retaining top talent, but this challenge is particularly acute for social entrepreneurs working in emerging markets.  In SF’s Accelerating Access to Energy report, an early focus on talent development was highlighted as crucial to the long-term viability of energy.
Building on this insight, this report evaluates the state of human capital sector for enterprises serving low income consumer, and draws on surveys and in-depth interviews from over 200 organisations across 25 countries. The findings in this report include:
  • Diagnosis of the specific problems related to talent acquisition, with particular regard to social enterprises operating in emerging markets 
  • Practical and actionable conclusions for these enterprises and their investors 
  • Potential system solutions needed to reform the human capital market

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