Access to Energy Learning Series

Here we share insight emerging from our Access to Energy portfolio, run in partnership with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the US Agency for International Development (USAID).





Achieving universal access to energy requires serious investment
Author: Sam Parker, Director, Shell Foundation (November 2017)

Off-grid energy country focus: Uganda
Author: Open Capital Advisors (November 2017)

Building a salesforce fit to travel the 'Last Mile'

Author: Scott Roy and W Roy Whitten, PhD, Whitten & Roy Partnership (November 2017)

Lighting the way for women: How sustainable energy SMEs are adopting new strategies to build gender-inclusive sales teams

Author: Rebecca Fries and Stephanie Finigan, Value For Women (November 2017)

Energy portfolios of the rural poor: findings of a pilot study in India

Author: Rishi Argarwar, Chandrima Das and Harvey Koh, FSG (November 2017)

Enabling financial inclusion through new credit assessment models
Author: Dharma Life/DFID/Shell Foundation (November 2017)

Building a female-led sales force
Author: Envirofit (November 2017)

Three insights into the cold chain market in Rural India
Author: Heidi Hafes and Lisa Conibear, Shell Foundation (May 2017)

Innovations in credit assessment: unlocking finance for off-grid energy providers
Author: Simon Meier (May 2017)

Securitization: Unnecessary Complexity Or Key to Financing the DESCO Sector?
Author: Chris Aidun and Dirk Muench, Persistent Energy Capital (November 2016)

Critical Success Factors for Scaling Innovation in Asset Finance for Small and Growing Agribusinesses
Author: EVPEN (September 2016)

d.light Solar Home System Impact Evaluation
Author: d.light Design (May 2015)


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