How PAYGO technology is disrupting the clean cookstove industry

DFID.jpgEarly pilots of a new pay-as-you-cook technology, developed by Envirofit with support from SF and DFID, is showing positive impact to households in Kenya, and has the potential to be a disruptive change in the clean cookstove industry.
Envirofit’s SmartGas system incorporates a valve that uses two-way mobile communication to provide the consumer with a consistent and affordable gas supply. Consumers can pay for what they use in daily increments and tank refills are scheduled automatically when the valve registers a low reading. 

“I like that I can buy gas in smaller amounts, it ensures that I always have gas,” says Cecilia Wanjiku, a mother of four who lives in Kawangare, an informal settlement around 15km west of Nairobi, Kenya, and part of the pilot cohort testing the new systems. 
“I also don’t have to save for a full tank refill, which was sometimes a challenge especially during those difficult curves of the month.”
The SmartGas system offers the users the ability to make pay-as-you-cook LPG purchases at a cost equal to or cheaper than charcoal, as little as 50 cents a day using mobile money. 
Previously, Cecilia had to refill her 5kg LPG tank twice a month, carrying the tank back and forth from the local filling station a mile away from her home. Envirofit uses the smart valve communication to coordinate door-to-door deliveries automatically, saving Cecilia substantial time that she can use to look after her children. 

Envirofit has sold 1.5 million affordable biomass stoves since 2007, saving 25.5m tonnes of CO2 emissions and improving 7.5million livelihoods. 
This new SmartGas system can help them continue to improve the lives of millions of households using modern technology – with benefits to affordability, usability and health for consumers.  

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